Sunday, November 2, 2008

Episode 5 - Reading - Once They Can Read

This episode provides some direction for supporting and encouraging your children once they've learnt to read and have begun reading independently.

In Review:
Early Years Are Learning Years
Top 5 Books for a Baby - Sandra Foyt
Tips for how to Talk to your Baby
Parents as Partners at Ed Tech Talk

Key Points and Links
1. Help your child consider their personal tastes and interests in reading
Usborne Publishers - Here's a sample of craft books from Usborne.

2. Help your child to build connections and think about different perspectives
Building - Online book reviews for kids where they can submit their own reviews.
Shelfari - Social Networking Space around books and book reviews. UPDATE: No age limit communicated through terms and conditions.
Good Reads - Social Networking Space around books and book reviews. Members must be 13+ years.
My Readable Feast - Tips and resources for bringing families closer with children's books.
Kids off the Couch - Activities to keep families active.

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Thanks, Penny.

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Sandra Foyt said...

I love how you're bringing together this information! I'm planning on writing about how we use LibraryThing in our HomeSchool curriculum, and will use your resources in that coverage.

Isn't the synergy of the blogging world a wonderful thing?