Friday, December 5, 2008

Episode 6 - Research Skills

Description: This episode addresses how you can assist your child in the development of research skills.

Key Points and Links:
1. Before you start, discuss what your child already knows and what they plan to find out.
2. Consider together the best places to find the information.
Google Search
Yahoo Search
Google Maps Street View
3. Access a variety of resources together.
4. Assist your child to organise their notes logically and put the ideas in their own words.

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Thanks, Penny.


Anonymous said...

It sounds nice, very organized.
Nice voice. Nice echo effect in the beginning :)
But - podcast sounds too dry. Need to change something.

Kamil Boryniak said...

Jeśli chodzi o ubezpieczenia komunikacyjne to faktycznie link 4 ma bardzo dobrą ofertę. Pozdrawiam :)